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​​​​​​​​Who are the Knights?

We are Oklahoma's oldest homeschool athletic association. 

The Oklahoma City Knights homeschool sports program was founded in 1990 with an unusual beginning.

In a male dominated arena, it was actually a group of home-schooled girls who were the instigators of the homeschool athletic programs active in the Oklahoma City area today. In 1991, the first Oklahoma homeschool basketball team was birthed. This success did not go unnoticed by the home-schooled boys, who then asked for their own team. After starting out playing church leagues, the Knights soon began playing private schools and other home school teams. They began competing against public schools in 1995-96. Since that time, the Knights have continued to offer a competitive program based on integrity as well Christian values and principle.

The Knights strive to operate in accordance with the rules of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association. This gives the Knights greater credibility with opposing teams and has helped us earn a long-standing reputation of respectful sportsmanship and integrity. 

The Knights are governed by a board of directors. Accordingly, a comprehensive set of bylaws and policies have been established to help insure accountability for players, coaches, parents, athletic director, and board members. 

Statement of Purpose 

​OKC Knights Homeschool Athletic Association is a non-profit organization which exists to assist parents in home-directed education by providing quality, competitive sports programs. We believe that all students have the ability to excel and a desire to compete in many types of competitive programs. We, therefore, strive to foster an encouraging environment of athletic growth for these students. We are committed to promoting Christian values and building an excellent reputation in the community which will honor the Lord Jesus Christ and create a positive reflection of home-directed education. ​​