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​​​When do the Knights play and how long is the season?

Our fall program will begin with tryouts in August 
for all potential and returning players. A non-refundable deposit will be required before participating in tryouts. This deposit will be applied to the player's fees should he/she go on to play with one of the Knights' basketball teams during the upcoming season. 

In September, we will hold an all-parents' meeting with team practices for most teams beginning the first week of October (days, times, and locations will be communicated to invited/confirmed players)

The playing season for some teams (primarily
14u and older) begins mid-November and culminates in early March with a National Post-Season Tournament (in Springfield, Missouri) where homeschool teams from across the country gather for a week of fun and competition.   

We conclude our year by participating in a summer league which runs the month of June; that is another time our coaches are able to evaluate potential players for the fall season. Formation of summer teams is based upon reaching the minimum number of eligible players (generally 8+).

Who can play?

An player's education must be parent-directed at least 51% of the time. We do accept EPIC students who satisfy this requirement. (Parents, however, are still ultimately responsible for all player fees in the event that EPIC does not pay by the prescribed times.)

10u teams: may not turn 11 before September 1st
12u teams: may not turn 13 before September 1st
✓ Junior high (
14u) team: may not turn 15 before September 1st
✓ High school team (
18u): may not turn 19 before September 1st

Team formations are subject to reaching the minimum number of eligible players (generally 8+). In the event monies are paid but a team is not formed, a refund will be issued. 

IMPORTANT: A copy of the athlete's birth certificate or other government-issued ID (e.g. passport, state ID, military ID) along with the other required forms/documents must be submitted before being able to practice and play with the Knights (Registration/Forms).

Players come from a wide area of central Oklahoma including but not limited to Edmond, Tuttle, Chandler, Blanchard, Luther, Choctaw, Norman, Moore, and OKC.  Many players carpool to/from practices - and games. 

When are practices?

Our 10u teams practice once a week;
12u teams practice twice a week; and 14u and older teams generally practice three days per week (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday) for approximately two hours. Exception for 14u and older teams: practice days will be reduced during the weeks of games. Days and times for practices vary based upon the coach's schedule and gym availability; specific information will be communicated by coaches to his/her team. 

​Where do the Knights usually practice and play their games?

Practice and home game gyms vary by availability.  A variety of gymnasiums are used as necessary to fit the number of teams practicing and the dates of scheduled games. However, October practices have generally been held at Santa Fe Family Life Center (6300 N Santa Fe Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118).  Thereafter, new days, times, and locations are established for each team. All invited/confirmed players will be be notified of the practice details for his/her team.  Game schedules will be distributed and posted at a later date for all Knights' families.

How much does it cost?

Team fees vary from year to year, depending on the cost of gym rentals, officials' fees, tournament fees, and other organizational or sports-related expenses.  Player fees can range from $125 (for 10u) up to $500 (for high school); actual prices may vary. Payment plans will be made available. (Note: New uniforms will be invoiced separately from the player fees for varsity players.) 

In addition to player's fees, families will also want to consider gate admission and travel expenses (e.g. auto fuel for games) when planning for the season. Home gate admission is usually $5.00 per adult and $3.00 per student (6 years old+). This is also the general price for many of the schools we play or the leagues with which we've played.